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As both the radiology market and technology continue to evolve, so has the growing need for cloud-based solutions.

Breaking out from the boundaries of Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and PACS, QUICKPACS has worked with its partners to provide a unique and revolutionary platform of radiology workflow Intelligence systems called QUICKPACS; with integrated image management (PACS).

While the traditional Radiology systems with disparate RIS & PACS work through the mundane workflows, QUICKPACS’s Radiology Intelligence System incorporates several patent pending intelligent systems that maximize Radiologists productivity while enhancing the user experience. QUICKPACS’s next generation work-flow can also work with and drive your existing PACS. Consequently, you will realize higher productivity gains without any major impact to your current IT environment.

  • Next Generation Radiology Workflow Intelligence
  • Higher radiologist productivity
  • Workflow optimized for multi-site, multi-radiologist setup
  • Integrates and works with any existing PACS
  • Context-based collaboration with physician, peer Radiologist
  • Optimal Radiologist Assignment with “Auto-Rad-Assign”. QUICKPACS CRM to manage your hospitals and physicians more effectively
  • Lightning fast & flexible reporting with QUICKPACS’s “Intellisense Reports”
  • Voice Dictation and Voice Recording for efficient reporting. QUICKPACS “DICOM Parallelizer” for fast study downloads
  • Even at peak loads and limited bandwidth, QUICKPACS has incorporated “ActivePush” for instantaneous image availability
  • Seamless administration and management reporting with “QUICKPACS MIS”
  • QUICKPACS’s Ultimate Access will allow for the ultimate in flexibility and the ability to report from iPad/iPhone
  • Flexible Business Models


Whether you choose the image archiving and storage solution as a stand-alone service, or the RIS/PACS solution where the image archiving and storage is included, you have made the right decision for your business.

It’s true, the risks associated with storing your own image data locally in your office can be many and the cost, outrageous. From unplanned circumstances such as power outages, and hard-drive crashes, to down time waiting for the IT consultant to hopefully recover lost data and using valuable office space to physically store CD’s and films, cloud-based solutions are the future – and the future is now.


  • It’s everywhere you are – there is no physical presence
  • It’s inexpensive
  • Security and Redundancy
  • Backup and Recovery Systems
  • Requires no environmental conditions
  • Requires no personnel
  • Doesn’t require energy for power or cooling.
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