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Veterinary PACS Solution

QUICKPACS is the solution for the wonderful veterinarians that take care of our furry family members!  Most veterinary companies in the U.S. are still storing image data locally instead of using cloud-based storage.

Most veterinary companies across the U.S. and abroad are still storing image data locally while the medical industries on the human side are enjoying off-site, cloud-based storage solutions and have been for years.  We have worked hard to offer the veterinary off-site, cloud-based storage solutions that go above and beyond at a price that you won’t find anywhere else.

Request a Demo or a Quote and allow QUICKPACS the opportunity to show you what you’ve been missing and asking for!

QUICKPACS will provide:

  • Seven (7) years of archiving and storage of all images – two (2) copies on tape
  • One (1) login credential for a Veterinary Clinician/Radiology with the ability to log in from multiple computers
  • More than one login can be added:  three (3), five (5) and UNLIMITED
  • DICOM viewer with a wide variety of measurement of viewing tools
  • PRIORS showing up on the work-list thereby providing ability to the doctor to pick an old study and view the image and report immediately and compare with new study
  • Database of old reports and images which can be searched based on multiple parameters
  • 24x7x365 support
  • One (1) DICOM router software (installation required)*
  • Testing of router uploading, viewing from different location, archiving, selection of priors, and training – included.

*There will be a one (1) time implementation and setup fee.

Please speak with a QUICKPACS Sales Team Member about setting up your services. For more information, please contact us, fill out and submit the form and a member of our team will reach out to you to answer any additional questions regarding setting up your NEW QUICKPACS account.

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